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 Great State of New Jersey

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PostSubject: Great State of New Jersey   Mon Mar 28, 2011 4:24 pm

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Great State of New Jersey

A lot of people don't understand why I have so my "Jersey Pride". Most of them couldn't think of a good thing to say about Jersey if they tried. That's cause these people have never lived here.Don't get me wrong, Jersey isn't all peaches and cream, it takes a certain kind of person to live here, well more in North NJ then in the other sections.

Before I go on, let me take a moment to explain a bit about the structure of New Jersey. People normally just label anyone from NJ as being from "Jersey". This is completely wrong. You see, New Jersey is broken down into 3 parts, for the most part. You have South Jersey, Central Jersey and North Jersey. However, on a side note, North Jersey is really broken down into 2 different area's. I will explain more about that in a moment.

South Jersey is mostly farm land, altho you do have the shore points. The mentality in South Jersey is more of a slow laid back environment.These are the people that tend to say "hello" to strangers walking down the street. The kind of people you would expect to meet in the southern states.

Central Jersey is kinda of an enigma. If you ask people "where does Central NJ start and end?" you will more then likely get different answers. Some will tell you it starts from Elizabeth, some will say it starts in Woodbridge. I truly believe this is one of those questions that will be debated till the end of time. Either way, the people in Central NJ are a bit confused about who they are.North NJ has a bad reputation for being violent, starting fights, not having a problem with putting someone in the hospital. over all just being rude mother fuckers. Central NJ people seem to be a mix of South NJ and North NJ. These people will say hi to you on the street, they will open a door for you, they will allow you to go in front of you in line. They have all the makings of South NJ, with the exception that they feel they need to be "Tough". I'm not really sure why they do this, they only thing I can figure is that they are like that "Little brother". They see how North Jersey is and kinda want to be like them, but deep down inside they are more like South Jersey.

That brings us to North New Jersey, my pride and joy. As I said before, NNJ is really broken down into 2 area's. You have your city area (which is actually all of Hudson County and Essex County) and then you have everywhere else. Everywhere else is either suburbs or farmland (Not really farm lands, but more just like hicks). The city area is more of a war zone then an actual city. This is the kind of place that "Makes" you who you are. Growing up here, you only have 1 option, survive. If you don't learn to fight and defend yourself at an early age you are dead in the water. You will spend a life time of beatings and being picked on. This is why I say it makes you who you are. For those that move into this area, I don't care how "Good" you are, the area changes you. It makes you harder.

I believe that the NNJ city area is one of the most diverse area's in the world. It might be a stretch to say this, but then again it might not be, but I believe that we have every ethnic group and culture here. Growing up with that many different people it's easy to go one way or the other. You will find people with extreme predigest or people that have learned a great deal, and respect, other cultures. Take me for example. I grew up with an Irish/Italian background. Big meals every night, drinking at a young age with friends, fighting on a regular basis. But yet I can appreciate other people enough that I can take the time to wish someone "Happy Ramadan". I believe everyone should take some time to learn about other cultures, you would be amazed at some of the traditions that are out there.

Now on the other hand I am also the kind of guy that if confronted with a fight, no matter how big the other guy is, I have no problem with going out of my way to make sure that person spends the next 6 months eating their meals through a straw. There was 2 motto's I grew up with "Kick him when he's down.. Why? cause he's that much closer to your foot" and "Do onto others BEFORE they do onto you"... As sad as it is to say, that's how you had to think when growing up in this area. I have found myself in situations where me and 8 of my friends were up against 40 other guys. I have fought guys twice my size, I have seen my friends and I walk into a bar just looking for a few drinks and good time and end up in a bar fight. It was never a matter of winning the fight, it was just the fact that you were man enough to fight no matter what the odds were. Respect was all that mattered growing up. If people didn't respect you, their was no point in leaving your house.

I'm not saying this is true for every single person in this area. I have friends that have never picked their hands up in their life. Granted these friends normally came to me to help them with a problem, but over all they were fine living in the area.

So the next time you meet someone from New Jersey try not to stereo type them. We are all not like the douchebags from the "Jersey Shore".

Now on to the NY/NJ war.. Yes folks there is one. Everyone loves the idea of NY, but in reality NY is like that boss at work that takes credit for all your hard work. Look at it this way. The New York Giants and Jets don't even play in NY, they play in New Jersey. And yet NY will take credit for a Superbowl victory. New Yorkers go to the "Jersey Shore" cause they really don't have one of their own. and the biggest joke of all, The Statue Of Liberty. Yes folks, the icon that NY has built it's name on is actually in New Jersey.

Then you have all the people from Jersey, and you would be shocked. For example I can't tell you how many times I had to explain to people that Akon is from Jersey City. You ever listen to "My Ghetto Story"? Most of it is based on Jersey City. Also Michelle Rodriguez, I remember her rollerblading up and down my block, she was friends with my friends little sister. Here is a list of other well known people from New Jersey.

Aaron Burr - Political leader, Newark
Al Leiter - Baseball Player, Bayville
Albert Payson Terhune - Journalist, author, Newark
Alfred C. Kinsey - Zoologist, Hoboken
Alfred Joyce Kilmer - Poet, New Brunswick
Alfred Stieglitz - Photographer, Hoboken
Ali Larter - Cherry Hill
Allen Ginsberg - Poet, Newark
Amos Alonzo Stagg - Football coach, West Orange
Andrew Shue - Actor, South Orange
Anne Morrow Lindbergh - Author, Englewood
Antonin Scalia - Jurist, Trenton
Avery Brooks - Actor, professor
Bam Bam Bigelow - Wrestler, Asbury Park
Bette Midler - Singer, Paterson
Bebe Neuwirth - Actor, Princeton
Bill Evans - Musician, Plainfield
Bill Maher - Comedian, River Vale
Bill Parcells - Football Coach, Oradell
Bobby Thomson - Baseball Player, Watchung
Bonny Lee Bakley - Morristown
Brian De Palma - Director, Newark
Brooke Shields - Actress, Englewood
Bruce Springsteen - Singer, Musician, Freehold
Bruce Willis - Actor, Penns Grove
Bud Abbot - Comedian, Asbury Park
Carl Lewis - Runner, Olympic Medalist Willingboro
Charles Addams - Cartoonist, Westfield
Charles Lindbergh - Aviation Pioneer, Englewood
Chris Rock - Comedian, Alpine
Christina Ricci - Actor, Montclair
Christopher Reeve - Actor, Princeton
Connie Francis - Singer, Newark
Count Basie - Conductor, Musician, Red Bank
Daisy Fuentes - Newscaster, Actress, Model, Newark
Danny Aiello - Actor, Saddle River
Danny DeVito- Actor, Ashbury Park
Danny Kass - Professional Snowboarder, Vernon
Dave Thomas - Restaurateur, Atlantic City
David Copperfield - Magician, Metuchen
David Grisman - Musician, Passaic
Deborah Harry 'a.k.a. Blondie' - Singer, Hawthorne
Dennis Rodman - Basketball player, Trenton
Denzel Washington - Actor, Mt. Vernon
Derek Jeter - Baseball Player, Pequannock
Dionne Warwick - Actress, singer, East Orange
Dizzy Gillespie - Musician, Englewood
DMX - Rapper, Teaneck
Donald Fagen - Musician, Passaic
Donald Fletcher Holmes - Inventor, Woodbury
Doris Duke - Philanthropist, Hillsborough
Dorothea Lange - Photographer, Hoboken
Dorothy Parker - Author, West Bend
Drew Pearson - Football Player, South River
Dudley Moore - Actor, Scotch Plains
Ed Harris - Actor, Englewood
Eddie Murphy - Comedian/Actor, Englewood
Edmund Wilson - Literary Critic/Author Red Bank
Edward J. Rosinski - Inventor, Gloucester County
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin - Astronaut, Montclair
Eger V. Murphree - Inventor, Bayonne
Elizabeth Shue - Actor, South Orange
Ernie Kovacs - Trenton
Eva Marie Saint - Actor, Newark
Frank Sinatra - Singer, Actor, Hoboken
Frankie Muniz - Actor, Ridgewood
Frankie Vallie - Singer, Newark
Gil McDougald - Yankees Baseball Legend, Nutley
Grover Cleveland - 22nd US President, Caldwell
H. Norman Schwarzkopf - Army General, Trenton
Helen Gahagan Douglas - Representative, Boonton
Huey Lewis - Singer, Musician, Livingston
Ian Zering - Actor, West Orange
Ice-T - Rapper, Newark
Ja Rule - Rapper, Saddle River
Jack Nicholson - Actor, Neptune
James Avery - Actor, Atlantic City
James Fenimore Cooper - Novelist, Burlington
James Gandolfini - Actor, Westwood
James W. Marshall - Discovered gold in California, Hunterdon
Janeane Garofalo - Actor, Comedian, Newton
Jason Alexander - Actor, Newark
Jason Biggs - Actor, Pompton Plains
Jason Kidd - Basketball Player, Saddle River
Jay Mohr - Actor, Verona
Jerry Lewis - Comedian, Film Director, Newark
Jim Bouton - Baseball Player, Newark
Joan Bennett - Actor, Palisades Park
Joe Pantoliano - Actor, Hoboken
Joe Pesci - Actor, Penn's Grove
Joe Piscapo - Comedian, Livingston
Joe Stinson - 'Make my day' writer, Cape May
Joe Theismann - Football Player, South River
John Forsythe - Actor, Penns Grove
John McGinley - Actor, Short Hills
John Travolta - Actor, Englewood
Jon Bon Jovi - Singer, Musician, Sayreville
Jon Forsythe - Penns Grove
Jon Stewart - Comedian, Lawrenceville
Joyce Carol Oates - Author, Princeton
Judy Blume - Author, Elizabeth
Karen Duffy - Model, Actor, Park Ridge
Kevin Smith - "Silent Bob" - Director, Red Bank
Kevin Spacey - Actor, South Orange
Kirsten Dunst - Actor, Point Pleasant
Kreskin 'The Amazing' - Entertainer, Montclair
Larry Doby - Baseball Player, Paterson
Laura San Giacomo - Actress, West Orange
Lauryn Hill - Singer, South Orange
Leslie Gore - Singer, Tenafly
Lil' Kim - Rapper, Alpine
Linda Fiorentino - Actor, Turnersville
Lloyd H. Conover - Inventor, Orange
Loretta Swit - Actor, Passaic
Lou Costello - Comedian, Paterson
Malcolm-Jamal Warner - Actor, Jersey City
Martha Stewart - Cook, Host, Jersey City
Mary Higgins Clark - Author, Saddle River
Max Weinburg - Musician, South Orange
Meryl Streep - Actor, Summit
Michael Douglas - Actor, New Brunswick
Michael Ian Black - Comedian, Hillsborough
Michael Strahan - Football Player, Montclair
Molly Pitcher - Revolutionary War hero
Nathan Lane - Actor, Jersey City
Norman Mailer - Poet, Long Branch
Orel Hershiser - Baseball Player, Cherry Hill
Patricia McBride - Ballerina, Teaneck
Patti Smith - Musician, Woodbury
Paul Robeson - Singer, Actor, Princeton
Paul Simon - Singer, Musician, Hoboken
Phil Rizzuto - Baseball Player, Broadcaster, Hillside
Phil Simms - Football Player, Franklin Lakes
Philip Milton Roth - Author, Newark
Prepon Laura - Actor, Watchung
Queen Latifah - Actress, Singer, Newark
Randolph Bourne - Bloomfield
Ray Liotta - Actor, Union
Redman - Rapper, Newark
Rick Barry - Basketball Player, Roselle Park
Ricky Nelson - Singer, Musician, Teaneck
Robert Blake - Actor, Nutley
Robert Pinsky - Poet, Long Branch
Robert Proskey - Actor, Cape May
Robert Sean Leonard - Actor, Westwood
Ron Dayne - Football Player, Berlin
Ron Rollet - Writer, Cape May
Ruth St. Denis - Dancer, Choreographer, Newark
Sandra Dee - Actor, Bayonne
Sarah Vaughan - Singer, Newark
Savron Glover - Choreographer, Newark
Scott Wolf - Singer, West Orange
Sean "P. Diddy" Combs - Rapper, Producer, Alpine
Shaquil O'Neil - NBA Basketball Star, Newark
Stephen Crane - Author, Newark
Steve Forbes - Publisher, Commentator, Morristown
Steven Speilberg - Film Director, Montclair
Susan Sarandon - Actor, Edison
Tara Reid - Actor, Wyckoff
Tasha Smith - Sitcom Actress, Newark
Thomas Alva Edison - Inventor, West Orange
Thomas Mitchell - East Orange
Tom Cruise - Actor, Glen Ridge
Tommy Page - Singer, Caldwell
Valerie Solanas - Author, Ventnor
Vince Lombardi - Football Coach, Englewood
Walt Whitman - Poet, Camden
Washington Irving - Author, Newark
Whitney Houston - Singer, Newark
William Carlos Williams - Physician, Poet, Rutherford
William Frederick Halsey Jr. - Admiral, Elizabeth
William Henry Vanderbilt - Financier, New Brunswick
William J. Brennan - Supreme Court Justice, Newark
Wyclef Jean - Rapper, Newark
Yogi Berra - Baseball Player, Montclair
Zack Braff - Actor, Director, South Orange
Zebulon Mongomery Pike - Explorer, Soldier, Lamberton
Abramoff, Jack (Atlantic City)
Aldrin, Buzz (Montclair)
Alexander, Jason (Newark)
Alito, Samuel (Trenton)
Bakley, Bonny Lee (Morristown)
Baraka, Amiri (Newark)
Basie, Count (Red Bank)
Biden, Jill (Hammonton)
Blake, Robert (Nutley)
Bourne, Randolph (Bloomfield)
Bouton, Jim (Newark)
Braff, Zach (South Orange)
Burr, Aaron (Newark)
Cleveland, Grover (Caldwell)
Cooper, James Fenimore (Burlington)
Copperfield, David (Metuchen)
Crudup, Billy (Manhasset)
Dee, Sandra (Bayonne)
Diggs, Taye
Douglas, Michael (New Brunswick)
Dunst, Kirsten (Point Pleasant)
Dupré, Ashley
Dworkin, Andrea (Camden)
Evans, Bill (Plainfield)
Fagen, Donald (Passaic)
Farmiga, Vera (Passaic County)
Forbes, Steve (Morristown)
Gandolfini, James (Westwood)
Garofalo, Janeane (Newton)
Ginsberg, Allen (Newark)
Harris, Ed (Tenafly)
Harrison, Anna (Morristown)
Hill, Lauryn (South Orange)
Houston, Whitney (Newark)
Jeter, Derek (Pequannock)
Jonas Brothers, The
Jonas, Frankie
Jonas, Kevin (Teaneck)
Kinsey, Alfred (Hoboken)
Kovacs, Ernie (Trenton)
Kreskin, The Amazing (Montclair)
Langella, Frank (Bayonne)
Larter, Ali (Cherry Hill)
Lewis, Jerry (Newark)
Liotta, Ray (Newark)
Mailer, Norman (Long Branch)
Midler, Bette (Paterson)
Muniz, Frankie (Wood Ridge)
Nicholson, Jack (Neptune)
O'Neal, Shaquille (Newark)
Parker, Dorothy
Pesci, Joe (Newark)
Pitcher, Molly
Queen Latifah (Newark)
Reid, Tara (Wyckoff)
Rodman, Dennis (Trenton)
Roth, Philip (Newark)
Rudd, Paul (Passaic)
Saint, Eva Marie (Newark)
San Giacomo, Laura (West Orange)
Scalia, Antonin (Trenton)
Schwarzkopf, H. Norman (Trenton)
Simon, Paul (Newark)
Sinatra, Frank (Hoboken)
Smith, Kevin (Red Bank)
Solanas, Valerie (Ventnor)
Spacy, Kevin (South Orange)
Springsteen,Bruce (Freehold)
Stewart, Martha (Nutley)
Streep, Meryl (Summit)
Swit, Loretta (Passaic)
Tisdale, Ashley
Travolta, John (Englewood)
Van Cleef, Lee (Somerville)
Warwick, Dionne (East Orange)
Williams, William Carlos (Rutherford)

And now onto my favorite New Jersey Subject

Jersey Girls are the best in the world. Why do I think that? it's simple. These are girls that not only know how to keep their man happy, but they are the first to crack a guy upside the head with a bottle to help protect their man. They have it all, good looks, personality, caring, funny and a complete attitude. So I take my hat off to you "Jersey Girls" (Not to be mistaken for a Jer-Sea Girl. Whoever came up with that slogan should be shot to death), you make the world a better place.

So that's it people, your Jersey education is over for the day. Hope you enjoyed.

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Great State of New Jersey
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