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 R.I.P. Brother

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PostSubject: R.I.P. Brother   Mon Mar 28, 2011 4:27 pm

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I was sitting at work on Friday when I received a text message from a childhood friend, Angel. All the text message said was "Trent Acid passed away today". At first I thought this was some kind of joke, I just seen this kid in late January at a JAPW (An independent wrestling promotion based in New Jersey (Jersey All Pro Wrestling)) in Rahway NJ. He looked in great shape and we talked for a while. I hadn't seen him in a few years so we caught up. he told me about his drug addiction battle and that he was getting clean, We talked about him wanting to get his career back on track and how his previous "friends" showed him their true colors.

I'm not gonna go into a whole thing on Trent's career, there will be enough people posting that info in blogs and on websites. All I can say is this kid had what it takes to be a asset to any wrestling promotion. What I will go into detail on is Trent as a person.

Trent in a word was a class clown. I in no way mean that as in insult, in fact it was one of his greatest quality's. He was the kind of guy that laughed everything off, it was all entertainment to him. In fact the only thing he seemed to take seriously was his career. I remember one show he worked for JAPW, it was a 3 way weapons match (if I remember correctly). The scene was this. Homicide was in the ring beating someone with an object, like he normally would. When he looked over and seen a VCR. he picked it up by the cord and started to swing it over his head. All of a sudden the cord snapped and the VCR was flying through the air. It found it's mark, the back of Trent's head. Trent's head was gashed open and started bleeding. Like a true professional he continued with the match till the end. After the match he was in the locker room getting dressed and then rushed to the hospital. The show ended and everyone went to the bar. Trent showed up, bandaged head an all, and approached me.

The next day I was running a show in Belleville NJ, Trent and his partner were booked on the show. Trent immediately was worried about me taking him off the show. I explained to him that besides being a worker, he was my friend, and that I couldn't allow him to get in the ring with a head injury. I think that was the first, and maybe last time, I have ever seen the serious side of Trent. He reasoned with me that he wanted to work the show, it was all he really enjoyed (entertaining fans), he assured me he was ok to work. I didn't want to refuse the kid something he felt so passionate about, but then again I cared too much to let him get in that rind with the chance something could happen to him. I made a compromise. I allowed him to pick his replacement and that he could be on the show as a manager for his tag team. I believe I even gave him time to cut a promo in the ring. He wasn't 100% happy with this, but he understood my concern and agreed to it. He understood that most people would have just cut him from the show cause he couldn't work, or worse just thrown him in the ring and not cared what happened to him.

That's the serious side of Trent, now on to his other side. At first glance Trent would seem like your typical stoner that smoked away all his brain cells, but the fact is he was far from "typical". This is the kind of kid that laughed at everything, the world was his own person joke. Things most people would flip out over, he took in stride. He wouldn't even try and yet he was somehow the center of attention. I am sure there were people out there that despised this about him, the wrestling business isn't known for "real friendships", but that never bothered Trent. it didn't matter if you were honestly his friend or just someone pretending, he treated everyone the same.

How Trent died doesn't matter to me, the fact that he is gone does. I know that when I do go to shows now I will find myself looking in the stands or in the locker room for him. Part of me will never truly believe he is gone, another part will always hope to catch a glimpse put of the corner of my eye of him, but all of me will miss him.
R.I.P. Brother
Michael "Trent Acid" Verdi
November 12, 1980 – June 18, 2010
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R.I.P. Brother
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