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 Change is needed

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PostSubject: Change is needed   Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:11 am

So the US has elections all the time, and I for one do not vote, so all the TV ad's kinda make me laugh. I don't consider myself unpatriotic, I just know that the US government does not work, so why even bother?
First off the government is structured wrong. You have the house, the senate and the president. I don't claim to know the exact inner workings of any of these things, but the one thing I do know is that nothing will ever change cause they all exist. We elect a president cause we believe he will lead our country in the right direction. The main problem here is that he can't.
Lets say our president wants to create a whole new healthcare system, one that makes it practical free. So he sits at his desk for a few months and hammers out all the fine details, he creates a system that is perfect. Now instead of him being able to say "Here is it America", he has to get approval from others. Why is this? This is the single most powerful man in the world and he has get "Permission" to do what he feels is right?
Now that wouldn't be that bad except you have 2 major parties, these people stick together. So if you have a Democratic president, chances are the Republican party will veto any new bill he tries to pass. Seems counter productive if you ask me. Not to mention that these parties enforce their views on the public. Majority of Americans have no clue about the bills that are created and then rejected. I'm willing to bet that if someone created a new healthcare system these parties would reject them, but yet if it was presented to the American people they would embrace it. And yet somehow these "Parties" are representatives of "The People"...
Now I'm not sure if I live in some sort of bubble or not, but the last time I checked these people worked for us, which would mean we were their boss. If that is correct, ask yourself this, when was the last time you drove a better car then your boss? When was the last time you made more money then your boss? Hell, when was the last time you were able to break rules and get away with it, but when your boss did it he got in trouble?
I guess I'm just tried of having this whole political thing candy coated and served on a silver platter. Lets just be honest for a second here. These people do not represent US, they represent themselves. These people do not work for US, we work for them. This is something that will never change. They will drive around in expensive cars, they will travel in private jets, they will spend vacations in Martha's Vineyard... where us, the average person, will drive in "decent" cars, take busses, fly coach and if we work hard, bust our ass, skimp and save, we might get a chance to sit home on our vacation and work on the house (if you own a house).
America needs reform, and it needs to start on the government level.
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Change is needed
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